Katha Chopais

Jaai suraaj sudesh sukhaari | Hoi bharat gati tehi anuhari ||
Ram bas ban sampati bhraaja | Sukhi praj janu pai suraaja ||
जाइ सुराज सुदेस सुखारी । होहिं भरत गति तेहि अनुहारी ॥
राम बास बन संपति भ्राजा । सुखी प्रजा जनु पाइ सुराजा ॥

Just as a people tormented by the fear of calamities and afflicted by threefold troubles as well as by the influence of evil stars and by pestilence feel happy on migrating to a well-governed and prosperous country, Bharata too had similar feelings.
The natural wealth of the forest grew while Sri Rama lived there, as the people rejoice on securing a good king.