Katha Chopais

Ayodhya Kand
Dharam rājnay brahmabichāru | ihā jathamati mor prachāru || Rāj dharam sarbasu etanoi | jimi man māh manorath goi ||
धरम राजनय ब्रह्मबिचारु । इहाँ जथामति मोर प्रचारु ॥
राजधरम सरबसु एतनोई । जिमि मन माहँ मनोरथ गोई ॥

The essence of a king’s duty is only this much, which lies hidden in the Sastras, even as a desire is cherised in the heart (before it is expressed).
Religion, statecraft and an enquiry about Brahma(the infinite) are domains to which I have some access according to my own poor lights.