Katha Chopais

Samujhaba kahaba karaba tumha joi | dharama sāru jaga hoihi soi ||
समुझब कहब करब तुम्ह जोई । धरम सारु जग होइहि सोई ॥
Thrilling over with love the sage replied, “Whatever you think, speak or do will be the essence of piety in this world.”

Amitbodha aniha mitabhogi | satyasāra kabi kobida jogi ||
अमितबोध अनीह मितभोगी । सत्यसार कबि कोबिद जोगी ॥
They are masters of the six passions (lust, anger, greed, infatuation, pride and jealousy), sinless, disinterested, firm, possessing nothing, pure (both within and without), full of bliss, of boundless wisdom, desireless, moderate in diet, truthful, inspired, learned and united with god.