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Manas Mangal Murati

Katha Number : 708 | Town : Nagpur, Maharashtra , India
Start Date: 11.02.2012 | End Date : 19.02.2012 | Language : Hindi

Katha Chopais

B?lamiki man ?nandu bh?ri | mangal murati nayan nih?ri ||
??????? ?? ????? ???? ? ???? ????? ??? ?????? ?
Great was the joy of Valmiki’s heart as he beheld with his own eyes Sri Rama, who was bliss personified.

Mangalmurati lochan bhari bhari | nirakhahin harasi dandvat kari kari ||
????????? ???? ??? ??? ? ??????? ???? ????? ??? ??? ?
Ever feasting their eyes on Sri Rama, the incarnation of blessedness, and gladly prostrating themselves before him again and again.

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709 , Manas Mahamuni
Vardha, Maharashtra,india

English | Hindi

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