Katha Chopais

Karandhār tumha avadha jahāju | chadheu sakala priya pathik samāju ||
करनधार तुम्ह अवध जहाजू । चढेउ सकल प्रिय पथिक समाजू ॥
Ponder in your heart, my lord, and reflect that separation from Rama is a vast ocean, you are the helmsman and Ayodhya the bark which has been boarded by our near and dear ones as its passengers.

Karandhār sadgura drudha nāvā | durlabha sāja sulabha kari pāvā ||
करनधार सदगुर द्ऱुढ नावा । दुर्लभ साज सुलभ करि पावा ॥
With my grace for a favourable wind and a worthy preceptor for a helmsman to steer this strong bark – a combination which, though difficult to secure, has been made easily available to it.