Katha Chopais

Sādhu charita subha charita kapāsu | nirasa bisada gunamay fala jāsu ||
Jo sahi dukha parachhidra durāvā | bandniya jehi jaga jasa pāvā ||
साधु चरित सुभ चरित कपासू । निरस बिसद गुनमय फ़ल जासू ॥
जो सहि दुख परछिद्र दुरावा । बंदनीय जेहिं जग जस पावा ॥
The conduct of holy men is noble as the career of the cotton plant, the fruit whereof is tasteless, white and fibrous (even as the doing of saints yeild results which are free from attachment, stainless and full of goodness). Even by suffering hardships (in the form of ginning, spinning and weaving) the cotton covers others’ faults and has thereby earned in the world a renown which is worthy of adoration.