Katha Chopais

Sukruta punja manjul ali mālā | gyān birāg bichār marālā ||
Aratha dharama kāmādik chāri | kahaba gyān bigyān bichāri ||
सुकृत पुंज मंजुल अलि माला । ग्यान बिराग बिचार मराला ॥
अरथ धरम कामादिक चारी । कहब ग्यान बिग्यान बिचारी ॥

The virtuous acts mentioned therein are the charming swarms of bees; the references to spiritual enlightenment, dispassion and reason represent the swan. The four ends of human existence, viz., worldly riches religious merit, enjoyment and liberation, the reasoned exposition of Gyan (knowledge of God in his absolute formless aspect) and Vigyan (Knowledge of qualified Divinity both with and without form), the nine sentiments of poetry.