Katha Chopais

Pura nara bharat priti mai gāi | mati anurup anup suhāi ||
aba prabhu charit sunahu ati pāvan | karat je bana sura nara muni bhāvan ||
पुर नर भरत प्रीति मैं गाई । मति अनुरुप अनूप सुहाई ॥
अब प्रभु चरित सुनहु अति पावन । करत जे बन सुर नर मुनि भावन ॥

I have portrayed to the best of my ability the incomparable and charming affection (for Sri Rama) of the citizens (of Ayodhya) as well as of Bharata. Now hear of the all- holy exploits of the Lord, the he wrought in the forest to the delight of Gods, men and sages.