Katha Chopais

Ayodhya Kand – Doha 292
āgam nigam prasiddha purānā | sevādharamu kathin jagu jānā ||
आगम निगम प्रसिध्द पुराना । सेवाधरमु कठिन जगु जाना ॥
It is fully recognized in the Tantras, Vedas and Puranas, and all the world knows, that the duty of a servant is hard indeed.

Ayodhya Kand – Doha 300
Agyā sam na susāhib sevā | so prasādu jana pāvai devā ||
अग्या सम न सुसाहिब सेवा । सो प्रसादु जन पावै देवा ॥
And the greatest service to a noble master is to obey his orders. Let your servant, my Lord, obtain this favour (in the form of an order).