Katha Chopais

Ayodhya Kand – Doha 16
Hamahu kahabi aba thakursohāti | nāhi ta mauna rahab dinu rāti ||
हमहुँ कहबि अब ठकुरसोहाती । नाहिं त मौन रहब दिनु राती ॥
From this day onward I too will utter only that which is palatable to my mistress, or else will keep mum all the twenty-four hours.

Bal Kand – Doha 112
ehin samāja thala bujaba rāur | mauna malina mai bolaba bāur ||
एहिं समाज थल बूझब राउर । मौन मलिन मैं बोलब बाउर ॥
To think that you should seek my advice in this assembly (of wise men) and at this holy place! Yet if I keep mum I shall be considered black of heart; and if I speak of this occasion it will be sheer madness on my part.