Katha Chopais

Uttar Kand – Doha 121
Kavana punya shruti bidit bisālā | kahau kavan adha param karālā ||
कवन पुन्य श्रुति बिदित बिसाला । कहहु कवन अघ परम कराला ॥
Also tell me which is the highest religious merit made known in the vedas and which, again is the most terrible sin.

Uttar Kand – Doha 121
Param dharma shruti bidit ahinsā | par nindā sam agha na garisā ||
परम धर्म श्रुति बिदित अहिंसा । पर निंदा सम अघ न गरीसा ॥
A vow of non-violence is the highest religious merit known to the vedas; and there is no sin as grievous as speaking ill of others.