Katha Chopais

Ayodhya Kand
Paap Karat Nisi Basar Jahi | Nahi Pat Kati Nahi Pat Ugahi ||
Sapnehun Dharam Buddhi Kas Kaau | Yaha Raghunandan Daras Prabhavu ||
पाप करत निसि बासर जाहीं । नहिं पट कटि नहिं पेट अघाहीं ॥
सपनेहुँ धरम बुद्धि कस काऊ । यह रघुनंदन दरस प्रभाऊ ॥

Our days and nights are spent in sinful persuits and yet we have no cloth to cover our loins and get no food enough to fill our belly.
How could we possibly have ever dreamt of entertaining pious sentiments but for the virtue of having seen the Delighter of Raghus.