Katha Chopais

Saraju nām sumangal mulā | loka beda mata manjula kulā ||
Nadi punit sumānasa nandini | kalimala truna taru mula nikandini ||
सरजू नाम सुमंगल मूला । लोक बेद मत मंजुल कूला ॥
नदी पुनीत सुमानस नंदिनि । कलिमल तृन तरु मूल निकंदिनि ॥

Sarayu is the name of this river, which is the very fountain of pure bliss. The secular view-point and the view-point of the Vedas – these represent its two charming banks. This holy stream, issuing as it does from the beautiful Manasa lake, uproots in its course all the impurities of the Kali age, whether in the form of tiny blades of grass or of mighty trees.