Katha Chopais

Bal Kand – Doha 22
Nām nirupan nām jatan ten | Sou pragatat jimi mol ratan ten ||
नाम निरुपन नाम जतन तें । सोउ प्रगटत जिमि मोल रतन तें ॥
Through the practice of the Name preceded by its true appraisement, however, the same Brahma reveals itself even as the value of a jewel is revealed by its correct knowledge.

Ayodhya Kand – Doha 315
Samput bharat saneh ratan ke | ākhar juga janu jiva jatan ke ||
संपुट भरत सनेह रतन के । आखर जुग जनु जीव जतन के ॥
The sandals of the all-merciful lord were like two watchmen entrusted with, the duty of guarding the people’s life or they might be compared to a pair of caskets to enshrine the jewel of Bharata’s love or to the two syllables intended for the practice of the human soul.