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We have started a new service where you shall receive a RamKatha video clip daily.

Should you wish to avail of this free service, pls write "Bapu" and send it to the following numbers :

+91-704-534-2969 +91-704-534-2979 +91-8690-214-214

Please ensure you subscribe to all three numbers for this service.

Once you send the message, please save all three numbers to your contact list - failing which you might not receive the clip.

After subscribing, at any point of time should you like to have this service discontinued, pls feel free to tell us so by a revert message on the number you get the clips from.


This is to clarify that there is NO official FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, WHATSAPP, VIBER page, account or group of Morari Bapu.

Bapu does not have any association with and does not belong to any such online social media accounts or groups. Be aware that any such social media accounts that are active using the name Morari Bapu are FAKES / UNAUTHORISED

These are official phone numbers to avail daily Ram Katha video clips: +91-704-534-2969 +91-704-534-2979 +91-8690-214-214

Katha No : 701-800

Manas Bishnu


Katha Chopais Uttar Kaand – Doha 107Nirākārmonkārmulam turiyam | girā gyān gotitamisham girisham || Karālam mahākāl kālam krupālam | gunāgār sansārpāram natoham || निराकारमोंकारमूलं तुरीयं । गिरा ग्यान गोतीतमीशं गिरीशं ॥ करालं महाकाल कालं कृपालं । गुणागार संसारपारं नतोऽहं ॥ I bow to the supreme Lord, who is devoid of Form, transcendent and extra-cosmic, [...]

Manas Brahma

Katha Chopais Sursari sarsai dinkar kanyā | meklasutā godāvari dhanyā || सुरसरि सरसई दिनकर कन्या । मेकलसुता गोदावरि धन्या ॥ The heavenly river (Ganga), Saraswati, the Sun-born Yamuna, Narmada (the daughter of Mount Mekala), the blessed Godavari and the various other lakes, Seas, streams and rivers, all extolled the Mandakini.Aarnya Anuj samet gae prabhu [...]

Manas Mahes

Katha Chopais Rachi mahes nija mānas rākhā | pāi susamau sivā sana bhāsā || रचि महेस निज मानस राखा । पाइ सुसमउ सिवा सन भाषा ॥ Having conceived it, the great Lord Siva treasured it in His mind till. when a favourable opportunity presented itself, he communicated it to his consort, Siva (Parvati). Rāmkathā [...]